Zombie Fight Club, 2014 - ★★★

Zombie Fight Club, 2014 - ★★★

David Finchers no need to call up his high class lawyers, because this shat on digital video no brainer bares absolutely NO connection with 'Fight Club'. Instead it rips off the basic 'stuck in an high-rise with zombies & criminals' concept of La Horde (or The Raid, Demons, Dredd). Its even supposedly the sequel of 'Zombie 108', another Taiwanese lowgrade crapster by the same director I sadly missed.

Take the rating with a pinch of salt because theres no real plot, atrocious continuity, overuse of substandard cgi fx, atrocious continuity, inane 2hr lengh... I could go on for pages, but the thing is for all 'Zombie Fight Clubs' glaringly obvious flaws its surprisingly entertaining (way more than its any fucking right to be). Andy On is a seriously badass leading man and theres some tidy fights and action set pieces (admittedly hidden among a few lousy ones). And to please my exploitation loving nature theres so much attractive eye candy on display, really wow maybe the director runs a modelling agency on the side. Whoevers casting these girls did a triple-A job.

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