Extinction, 2015 - ★★★½

Extinction, 2015 - ★★★½

A post apocalyptic struggle erupts between two former friends who 9 years earlier loved and lost the same woman in a zombie like plague. Ones left to bring up her baby while the other hits the bottle. They're finally thrown together to defend off an invasion of mutant versions of the zombies.

Second decent zombie movie in a year with shades of Naughty Dog/Playstation hit 'The Last of Us' about it, hope moviegoers aren't bored of the format before Ellie gets her big-screen turn.

Pleasingly corny 'My Two Dads' meets 'I Am Legend' style story, is a sweet character driven horror from Spanish director Miguel Angel Vivas. I'm sure hardcore horror fanatics will find it slow and off-puttingly syrupy, it must have gotten me in a good mood because I honestly enjoyed the hell out of this. The three central performances were great, especially young Quinn McColgan as Lu. And being a 'Lost' nut, its great to finally see Mathew Fox in something again (loved the ET moment I'm sure every dads told their kids bedtime stories based on classic film scripts they've remembered). It also had a surprisingly good soundtrack, infact only drawback is some of its CG FX work is pretty damn shoddy (possibly ran into budget problems in post-production).

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