Celluloid Horror, 2004 - ★★★½

Celluloid Horror, 2004 - ★★★½

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
Well I'm only 10 years late on this 'Celluloid Horror' is a fanmade documentary following cult horror buff and film programmer Kier-La Janisse.Shes ran a regular international horror festival CineMuerte in Vancouver Canada since 1999, thats included special guests over the years like Buttgereit, Rollin and legend Udo Kier who did a live voice-over.

It should have been a Hoop-tober rule to have 1 horror docu. This ones great with fabulous clips. Kier-la's like a modern day Amos Vogel, passionately gathering a community around their love of film. My favorite aspect was when shes asked about being a female horror fan in the very sexist genre. She nailed her piece on Zulawskis 'Possession'. And her torture garden fundraiser screenings are hilarious, films so bad public pay to leave.

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