Eega, 2012 - ★★★½

Eega, 2012 - ★★★½

"The seeds of his death lay here. Hes been reborn a fly." - Tantra (Abhiram)

Eega's an heartwarming Indian tale of unflying love, about a murdered man Nani reincarnated as a fly taking revenge on his rich playboy killer before he gets the woman he loved. Immensely fun cgi heavy fantasy thats only real flaw for me was its slightly excessive 2 hour runtime (woulda rocked as an hour film like an episode of Charlie Brookers Black Mirror). Sudeep's hilariously sleazy as the millionaire womanizer. And Samantha's cute as a bugs ear, as the infatuation between both Sudeep and Nanifly. I wouldn't be shocked if a Dreamworks type company didn't commission a western version with someone like Selena Gomez and Chris Hemsworth, and Jeff 'brundlefly' Goldblum would be an awesome choice as the mystic.

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