Goodnight Mommy, 2014 - ★★★★

Goodnight Mommy, 2014 - ★★★★

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
Genuinely brilliant tour de force of audience manipulation, bravo Mr. Fiala and Miss Franz. On the surface a simplistic story about two identical twins inability to accept their mothers change of identity after an undefined event, its all dragged from under itself with a brutally punishing ambiguous ending.

I loved its early buildup and the poise of anticipation it left me in. Hated its dull middle with a passion, and the pit of my stomach empty feeling that it was heading into a predictable toture porn clmax. Perplexed by its 'Amazing Mr Blunden'/'Usual Suspects'/'Lost' styled you fill in the missing gaps end, that forced you to re-evaluate its whole backstory.

I can see why its such an opinion splitting experience, not every viewer likes to be played. I'm fine when its done so well, and proud to have a bit of intelligence back in the genre. Plus it was nice for a change to get a film that wasn't a remake or total rehash. It wasn't perfect, but the acting and cinematography are great. So was the internal design, the little details like blurred wall pictures and lack of reflective furniture made a huge difference to its overall tone. For a change the positives outweigh the negatives, bring on the mad Austrian duos next project(s).

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