A Christmas Horror Story, 2015 - ★★★

A Christmas Horror Story, 2015 - ★★★

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"FUCK CHRISTMAS" - Storming Norm (George Buza)

Four creepy Canadian tales of christmas fear, all set in sleepy town of Bailey Downs. One yarn follows a group of pesky kids making a student documentary about a teen who had been killed last xmas while having an abortion. Theres a tale about a couple who would do anything to have their son back to normal after a strange christmas tree spirit latches onto him. Another tale follows a dysfunctional family who unlock the curse of Krampus. And good old Saint Nicholas is having a little problem with his little toy factory staff. The tales are then lovingly wrapped around with William of Shatnershires amusing progressively drunken radio monologues.

By the nature of it being an horror anthology by 3 directors and 4 writers, it was always going to have highs and lows. And the fact the stories progress so far then cut to other tales was initially fine, but got confusing, I'd have preferred them told on their own in full. Plus its got to be said three of the tales are pretty damned average. Thankfully the Santa yarn was a total knock-out, with such an hilariously dark ending. It was a neat in-gag for Ginger Snaps fans having it in the same town. Ohh and Shatner as the Rockin Ricky Rialto dj was fantastic, his soothing inane tones are screaming out for his own radio host job.

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