Cultdb top 10 movies of 2010

Due to a very drunken busy Christmas/New Year for me, cultdb's Top 10 of 2010 is slightly later than I usually post it. Anyhow better late than never. Hey least mines probably the only film list that doesn't include Nolan's Inception (for the simple reason I thought it was predictable and dull, Nolan's achievement was making his film fool viewers into thinking they're clever for understanding it). Really enjoyed the new Harry Potter, other than Warner's being greedy and splitting the final story up into 2 segments it would of made my list, likewise I was tempted to put in Toy Story 3 (sure its a mainstream movie but it was damned entertaining and a fantastic end to the trilogy).

As well as the films I didn't pick theres always going to be films that I'd of most likely put in the list if I'd of seen them in 2010, things like Biutiful & The American which I've yet to see that I'm expecting to enjoy.

The years most shocking film was without an exception A Serbian Film which edged out of the top slots, likewise a few I enjoyed that didn't make the final list included Tron Legacy, Splice and [Rec] 2.

Cultdb's top 10 movies of 2010, in descending order

#10 In Their Sleep aka Dans ton sommeil
#9 Someone's Knocking at the Door
#8 7 Days
#7 Best Worst Movie
#6 Let Me In
#5 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
#4 Black Swan
#3 Machete
#2 Enter the Void
#1 I Saw the Devil

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